Our Clients

We provide specialized, all-direction services for the diverse players active in the telecommunications universe. While mobile and fixed telecommunications network operators are certainly our key target segment, we also provide valuable advice to network infrastructure and service suppliers, to equity and debt investors, as well as to regulatory bodies and governmental agencies.

Operators and equity investors usually have similar perspectives, differing, however, in the emphasis placed on investment versus operational goals, in the general level of analytical granularity and in the tool support requirements; accordingly, we offer them customized services, both top-down and bottom-up.

We serve lenders by providing a set of dedicated transaction services, by employing different – more conservative – assumptions and by using debt key indicators.

We support suppliers, either by giving them insight on the operator perspective and business case, or by elaborating the vendor business case for a new feature or service contract. Where outsourcing is concerned, for instance, we either support the supplier in setting up a value-based argumentation vis-à-vis the operator – supporting sales – or in calculating the outsourcing provider project business case, thus assisting in negotiating a sound deal.

Regulators and governments seek our advice when deliberating new licence issues, determining licensing procedures, concluding national roaming and interconnection agreements, as well as during the privatization of state-owned carriers.

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