Our People                                             

At Investelecom, we believe that people excellence, commitment and experience are the key ingredients in making our consulting engagement a successful one for our client. We are therefore very selective when choosing who to accept into our circle, and – while maintaining our strict focus on the telecommunications industry – endeavour to ensure we have some of the brightest industry resources on board.

Our requirements include the highest academic merits, all applicable professional certifications for the area of competence considered, a senior curriculum of relevant professional experience on the buy and sell sides of telecoms transactions (generally of more than 10 years with proven consistently high performance) and the demonstrated ability to succeed in international environments.

Integrity, transparency, confidentiality, loyalty to our clients, diligence, competence and professionalism are our core values. At Investelecom, you can count on the fact that the senior professionals acquiring individual advisory assignments are also the ones to deliver them – unlike others, we do not staff our project teams with inexperienced junior consultants. Our experts interact with the client organization at all project-relevant levels, thus enabling us to quickly respond to our customers' needs and feedback.

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