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Commercial and Financial Due Diligence
Business Plan Analysis and Benchmarking, Asset Valuation

The commercial and financial due diligence is the quantitative ingredient in transaction services. Its main purpose is to determine the fair transaction value of the M&A deal, equally important, however, is the identification of commercial and financial risks. These include market-driven revenue uncertainty, operational risks driving operational expenses (OPEX) and deviations from roll-out plans leading to an increase in capital expenditures (CAPEX). Also considered are accounting risks – an internal control assessment is performed to determine whether there are significant deficiencies giving rise to more than a remote likelihood that a material misstatement of the company's financial statements will not be prevented or detected.

Business plan analysis and benchmarking are major tools of commercial and financial due diligence. However, we also provide business plan review services in more narrowly defined assignments. We use a variety of analyst research sources in addition to our own opinion to gather comparable data against which to benchmark the key object parameters. While asset valuation is generally part of every commercial and financial due diligence, we also refer to this as a dedicated, more specialized service aimed at determining the fair value of an individual or set of individual tangible or intangible assets. For instance, we perform valuations of new and seasoned licences, as well as of groups of company assets.


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