Our Services

Network and Process Performance Measurement and Benchmarking

We conduct technical audits, focusing on network infrastructure performance measurement and benchmarking, to determine the condition of the installed – legacy – network asset base. For an optimization rather than due diligence project, the aim is to identify network roll-out related areas that may affect improvement potentials in terms of market competitiveness and operational efficiency. We fall back on our experience and knowledge base from previous review, due diligence and consulting projects involving significant roll-out and investment portions. We apply analytical procedures to derive appropriate benchmarks from ratios that link network dimensioning to subscriber and traffic data. Typically, project results are an assessment of the network status quo and planned further roll-out, as well as forward-looking recommendations regarding equipment retirement, replacement, reinvestment, technology migration and new investment.

Technical audits focusing on process performance measurement and benchmarking serve, in turn, to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of operations processes themselves. Our technical consultants are highly proficient in using the common standard industry frameworks to describe and document the processes in a portable format. We have an extensive knowledge base for process benchmarks with regard to time and effort drivers and staffing ratios. The aim is to identify potentials to improve on process quality and efficiency. Additional or different staffing needs or qualification and training requirements may also become transparent.

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