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Strategic Investment Management
Feasibility Study

Strategic investment management is the high-level investor take on a global universe of business opportunities. It starts with the identification of a longterm investment strategy, considering the expansion into new geographical markets, the diversification into new products and services, the positioning along the value chain and the optimal degree of vertical and horizontal integration. The investment universe is subsequently screened for appropriate opportunities and targets. These are then further analyzed and prioritized. We provide decision support to management on whether or not to pursue a project. Project roadmaps help to systematically implement the decisions taken and to review progress by the use of milestones.

We undertake feasibility studies as a first proof-of-concept of a new licence bid, a greenfield launch of operations, or the acquisition of a seasoned operator. Top-down methods are used to estimate market potentials, competitive environment, regulatory impacts, revenue generation capacity, resources needed and, finally, the viability and profitability of the project.

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